Rocky Top Rage Room is an EXTREME ACTIVITY like no other! Get ready for the funnest way to let loose. Ever imagine a bat crushing that computerscreen in front of you? Ever want to throw a bottle at a lamp to see ifthey both break?

‍All week you must "BEHAVE" and "KEEP IT TOGETHER". One absurdity follows another. Push-on, achieve. Before you know it you are all backed-up with unprocessed emotions. Smashing, breaking, throwing and shatteringbreakables into a pile of destructi
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Items listed in each package are per person. Breakables inventory at Rocky Top Rage Room is ever changing. Each package is built with hand-picked items paired for total sensory activation. While substitutions occur, we strive to be fair and make each rage session a satisfactory release. 
Shatter Items = Glass, Ceramics, Porcelain, Bottles, etc. 

Smash Items = Plastics, Monitors, Electronics, Frames, Toys, etc.

Base rage: $27 per person

(takes approx. 20 minutes)
protective gear for 1 person
14 Shatter Items (various sizes)
3 bottles
1 Smash Item
1 Household Item
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Pro rage: $57 per person

(takes approx. 50 minutes)
protective gear for 1 person
42 Shatter Items (various sizes)
3 premium bottles
6 - pack bottles
4 Smash Items
1 household item
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Real Rage: $37 per person

(takes approx. 30 minutes)
protective gear for 1 person
22 Shatter Items (various sizes)
3 Premium bottles
6 – Pack of Bottles
2 Smash Items
1 Household item
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large parties:
$35 per person

(protective gear and items)
24 Shatter Items
3 premium bottles
6 - pack of Bottles
*variety of
large community smash items
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the whole lot:
$84 for two people

(takes approx. 50 minutes)

protective gear for 2 people
50 shatter Items
4 premium bottles
6 - pack of bottles
6 smash items
3 Household Items
1 XL Breakable
*Also included with The Whole Lot is a video of your session sent to you.
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seasonal rage:
$ market price $

(call for details)
could be team building themed
could be birthday themed
could be holiday themed
could be personally themed
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*Themed rage sessions are absolutely a good idea! With availability, we make every effort to provide exactly the types of items you’d like to smash, throw, break and destroy. This is your time to be free. 

Extreme activities like a session at Rocky Top Rage Room give your mind and body an opportunity to experience exciting new things.
$20  Bottle Box
$20  Extra Breakables
$27-$87  Flatscreen TV
$17 – $37   Glass Door or Windshield

$127 & up   Piano or Organ
$17-$47   Desktop Copiers
$47-$87    XL Printer/Copier

*Based on availability. Some larger add-ons require additional time to source and have available. Please contact us for details.

Q: “A rage… what?”

A: Rocky Top Rage Room is a compelling venue where you come to let off steam in a safe and measured way. Gear up, choose your implement of destruction and step into the room lined with guardrails. Hurl breakables at the wall. Feel the crunch and vibration when your bat crashing down on the flat screen. There is nothing like the sound that comes from a vase breaking on purpose!
It is time your brain juices got pumping! No doubt you’ll leave relieved.

Q: How can I do this?

A: On the home page there is a BOOK NOW button. Click, choose your Rage Package and timeslot. Keep an eye out for the confirmation email once we’ve locked in your requests.

Q: What else do I need to knoW?
is this dangerous??

A: Every measure is taken to provide a safe environment for you to let loose and destroy everyday things - not worrying about cleanup.
Letting loose is critical to enjoyment; while staying present, keeping safety in the forefront of your mind, ensures you get to come visit again. This being an inherently dangerous activity, there are risks.
Wear closed-toe and covered-back shoes. The toughter the better (but sneakers will do in a pinch). We provide coveralls, face shield and gloves.

What to Know:

• Age restriction of 18+ with photo ID and signed waiver.
• Closed-toe & closed-back shoes (sturdy soles recommended) are required.
• Complimentary Bluetooth speaker to hookup your personalized Rage-Playlist!

Also note:

• If we even THINK you are under the influence of ANY mind-altering substances you will be asked to leave and reschedule. We reserve the right to cancel your Rage Session without refund under this circumstance. 
• For safety – at any time we may stop the session and direct you to comply with our safety protocols. 
*We have full authority to refuse this extreme activity to anyone who we deem unable to comply with all SAFETY guidelines.
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